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Trust Yourself. Love Yourself. Breathe.

Rinse. Repeat.

“It’s going to be OK.” That’s how you’ll feel at the end of our first session… no matter how many tears you’ve shed or not.


Because after our first session, you’ll know (deep in your bones/soul) you’re not alone. Not alone in your pain; or your frustration, or your stress, or your anger, or your fear, or hopelessness…


Because you’ve found a sacred space and a gold leaf invitation to come as you are. Because where you’re at and what you’re dealing with is perfect place to start.


Because before I sat opposite you, I sat next to you and I learned that we are so much more powerful than we have any idea. And we don’t have to go it alone and shame and blame are relics from our past, which is where they belong.

You Have What It takes

To be happy. To feel good.

When did we surrender our instincts to our limiting beliefs? Why did we convince ourselves that we don’t deserve what we desire?

As we grow up, the “Yes I can” exuberance of childhood morphs into the fearful adult refrain; “What I fail or what if I look foolish?” Good thing Thomas Edison didn’t share this sentiment. “I have not failed” he said, “I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

We become conditioned by our fear as our world slowly contracts. Our negative thoughts dominate our lives until it feels (we believe/we swear) we are powerless to disagree with them.

In order to disable your fears, you must first learn to challenge your negative beliefs. This is accomplished by learning to quietly connect with your spirit through a quieting of the mind. Unplugging external stimuli and plugging into your source, from which your divine guidance springs forth.

The Blessing Of ADHD

Learn to leverage what you do best

Did you know that many kids diagnosed with ADHD have an above average IQ?

Did you know that many kids diagnosed with ADHD graduate college with honors and get great jobs?

Did you know that many kids diagnosed with ADHD get married, have families and lead happy productive lives?

Rather than a stigma or deficit to be overcome in order to “fit into the mainstream,” I approach a diagnosis of ADHD as an opportunity to develop new skills and learn new tools to accomplish your individual objectives, based on your unique abilities, gifts and talents.

Together, we will become experts in your brain chemistry to gain understanding in how, where and when ADHD shows up in your life so that we can determine which skills and tools will best support you in getting your goals and objectives met.

Therapy On The Go

Hello, it’s help.

You’ve decided to find a therapist to work with on a difficult personal issue but the logistics of attending weekly office sessions feel insurmountable.

Whether it’s the drive time, finding childcare, having to explain your weekly absence at work, the cost of gas or finding a therapist in your area you connect with and trust; TeleTherapy is an ideal alternative to in-office sessions.

Using your phone or webcam your weekly sessions are convenient, confidential and conducted in the privacy of your home or office.

TeleTherapy is easy. All you need to have is your phone or computer, depending on whether you want to connect by phone or webcam.

Our sessions are HIPAA protected for your privacy and all the same parameters of face-to-face therapy apply.

Save time, money and stress. Schedule a TeleTherapy consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Services For You

Know how I can help you

  • Gain the tools necessary to cultivate an authentic loving relationship.
  • Learn easy-to-master communication skills to gain trust and bond your family together.
  • Manifest what you want in your life.
  • Tap into your powerful institution to guide you.